Current Situation

A 2017 Judicial Watch study showed 17,302 more people registered to vote in CT than are eligible among the States’ adult citizens. Many take the shape of blindly accepted absentee ballots. Together they are enough to change the outcome of tight legislative races. While Federal law mandates careful state oversight, lack of it has spawned a situation across the country where in 2016, 3.5 million ineligible felons, ex-residents, non-citizens, and dead people made their mark on election day.

How we fight:

We will collect, through the use of corporate investigators, public information town by town and build our own “clean voter database” then compare it to the State of Connecticut’s voter list. We will turn over any anomalies found that violated State and/or Federal election laws to the proper Federal Authorities. The information documented through the research and investigative process should compel the State of Connecticut to reform their election and voting processes while protecting all Americans’ voter rights.

A sustaining business model:

The continued updating of public voter information will help End Voter Fraud Inc create “clean voter databases” of legal voters, and by doing so, greatly diminish the possibilities of voter fraud in future elections while informing voters on any and all changes in election and voter laws.

Thank you for your support in helping us End Voter Fraud.

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